• Bloody Mary Cross Necklace
  • Bloody Mary Cross Necklace
  • Bloody Mary Cross Necklace
  • Bloody Mary Cross Necklace
  • Bloody Mary Cross Necklace

Bloody Mary Cross Necklace



Bloody Mary is a Japanese jewelry brand that was established in 1999. The brand focuses on creating jewelry pieces that feature unique and organic designs, each with its own beauty and originality.

The brand draws inspiration from various motifs, including plants, flowers, fruits, as well as humans, birds, fishes, and beasts. This diverse range of motifs reflects the brand's commitment to offering a wide variety of designs to their customers.

The philosophy of Bloody Mary seems to be rooted in the idea that throughout history, humans have adorned themselves with natural materials and objects, imbuing them with personal meaning and symbolism. The brand believes that this tradition of wearing jewelry and infusing them with personal thoughts and intentions has remained unchanged over time.

By incorporating elements from nature and encouraging owners to infuse their jewelry with their own thoughts, Bloody Mary aims to create lucky charms that have a deep and lasting impression. The brand believes that being close to nature and wearing jewelry that holds personal significance can bring good fortune and positive energy.


Color • Silver
Material • .925 Sterling Silver
Length • 11.5 in

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