• Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt
  • Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt
  • Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt
  • Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt
  • Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt
  • Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt

Kmrii Studded Multi Pouch Belt



Founded in the year 2000, KMRii emerged from a realm of unrestrained creativity, capturing the spirit of the unconventional. Crafted by the visionary Lui Onozaki from Japan, the brand draws inspiration from his extensive global travels, transforming antique industrial elements and indigenous artifacts into a rich tapestry of diverse historical influences.

This fusion of history results in a timeless aesthetic, with each KMRii piece seamlessly fitting into a life marked by unconventional refinement. Meticulously handcrafted from carefully selected materials, the creations incorporate cutting-edge treatments and techniques, reflecting a commitment to quality and artistry.

Recent times have seen KMRii ascend in popularity, particularly due to its embrace of a punk aesthetic. Each item becomes a rebellious statement, a fusion of leathers and studs that exude a unique individual wear. This punk-inspired approach adds an edgy and contemporary dimension to the brand, attracting a new wave of enthusiasts who appreciate the marriage of tradition and rebellion. Rooted in global underground culture, KMRii's popularity continues to grow, making its mark in the fashion landscape with creations that transcend boundaries and embody a distinctive blend of history and avant-garde expression.

The featured belt bag is a standout example of Onozaki's distinctive designs for KMRii. It's a stylish accessory with multiple studded pouches, attached to a classic double-prong belt. This piece reflects KMRii's blend of punk style and craftsmanship, showcasing the brand's dedication to pushing fashion boundaries.


Materials • 100% Leather
Color • White
Length • 45 in

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